GH industrial solutions

New lifting and handling design and manufacturing is geared towards enhancing operator productivity, safety and service life. For this reason, GH's Boat hoist are a safe investment and an essential ally for your business.

Why work with GH Industrial

Your ally for moving loads in open spaces

Our goal is to facilitate autonomous, efficient 20-440 tonne load handling in multiple sectors and for multiple applications, such as the prefab industry, outdoor logistics warehouses (wind, prefab concrete, heavy boiler work, RTG container cranes, etc.).

  • Solutions that are customised to your business, backed by one of the world's leading crane and lifting solutions manufacturers.
  • Maximum reliability and quality provided by leading component manufacturing brands.
  • Increase your profitability with our load handling optimisation design consulting service.

Why work with GH Industrial

Complete confidence

We work hard so that our solutions operate reliably and safely, personalising maintenance according to your particular needs, and protecting the value of your resources throughout the equipment's life cycle.

  • Ensuring continuity and efficiency while maintaining safety standards.
  • Minimising unplanned production stoppages and emergencies.
  • Reaching your production objectives.
  • Keeping long-term maintenance costs under control.

Why work with GH Industrial

Optimised solutions for every need

On the competitive global manufacturing stage, the ability to lift and handle loads is critical for companies to be able to increase productivity and grow their business. Solutions must be a 100% fit for the client.

  • Work yard design support using the latest technology.
  • Flexibility in personalised solution design for specific needs.
  • Design, manufacture and delivery with competitive rates and timeframes, just as you need.

Boat hoist for lifting and handling loads

The perfect load lifting and handling solution for all types of workshops and industries.

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Industrial jib cranes

The best solution to multiply your production capacity and facilitate day-to-day tasks.

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Arcelor Mittal
Dragados HSR
Grupo Essentium
Grupo Typsa
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